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BOMiCON 2024

🎉 Ahoy, Future BOMiCON Adventurer! 🌊

Ready to set sail on the Utopia of the Seas for Bomicon 2024? 🛳️ Grab your BOMiCON ticket now, and THEN pick your dream room on this epic cruise ship! Whether you’re into ocean views or luxurious suites, a perfect spot awaits you. 🚢✨

Prices are based on double occupancy, so if you’re traveling solo, you’ll be paired with a fabulous Bombshell sister! 👯‍♀️

Prefer a private retreat? Simply purchase two of your selected room type for a solo stay. 🛏️✨

BOMiCON ticket MUST be purchased to attend all BOMiCON and Bombshell Private Events, including Group Dinner Seating, Receptions, Workouts, Lectures, etc.

Don't miss out on the ultimate Bomicon experience!

Book your ticket and choose your room today! 🏖️🎟️