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Transform Yourself on the BOMiCON 2024 Cruise!

December 16-20th

Join us for a life-changing adventure on the BOMiCON 2024 Cruise. In just five days, unlock your most confident self with Bombshell Inc. Leave us your information below to reserve your spot on the BOMiCON Cruise, December 2024!

BOMiCON CRUISE • December 2024

Experience a New You in Just Five Days !

This week of Fitness, Friendship and FUN includes a variety of personal breakthrough sessions, educational lectures, fitness training at levels for EVERYONE, and Four Nights of living #thatbombshelllife ALL while soaking in the sun and fun of the Bahamas! Join the entire Bombshell Inc. Staff and Coaching Team on a FABULOUS Royal Caribbean Cruise to end YOUR 2024 on an AMAZING note and READY to SLAY the NEW Year!

All-Inclusive Packages: Enjoy entry to BOMiCON and the Cruise! You only cover tips and adult beverages. 

Utopia of the Seas

You’ve never been on a cruise ship like this. Utopia of the Seas features eight unique and incredible neighborhoods, an astounding array of dining options and several first-at-sea experiences that will leave your group spellbound.

Bombshell Fitness System Workouts: 

Booty-Kickin’ Bombshell Fitness System Workouts DESIGNED to create YOUR Bombshell Body.  Focusing on YOUR form, intensity and modifications.

Life-Changing Lectures:

Led by our Founder/CEO Shannon Dey, Bombshell VIP Master Coaches, VIP Coaches, and Special Guests, these sessions offer invaluable insights and strategies. Gain the knowledge and inspiration needed to make significant changes in your life and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Unforgettable Memories:

Spend four nights living #thatbombshelllife, basking in the sun and enjoying the fun of the Caribbean! Experience the ultimate getaway with luxurious accommodations, exciting activities, and vibrant nightlife, creating memories with your Bombshell Community that will last a lifetime!


Whether you’re sailing with your significant other, your family, a group of friends, or traveling solo — we’ve got the perfect room to accommodate your party and budget. Take your pick from Interior or Ocean View rooms, Balcony staterooms, or spacious Suites.

Interior Room

Our Interior rooms deliver all the comfort you need at a great value on the NEW Utopia of the Seas.

Interior Balcony

Enjoy the ambiance of our neighborhood balcony staterooms that overlook the Central Park

Ocean View

Soak in the scenes of sea and shore from the comfort of your own Ocean View room.

Ocean Balcony

Enjoy the breathtaking views from your Ocean View balcony stateroom on Utopia of the Seas.

Royal Suites

Luxury is anything but boring in Royal Suite Class with exclusive experiences and amenities.

A Message From Shannon Dey

Founder/CEO Bombshell Inc.

“Be a part of the most action-packed, friendship-building, and inspirational weekend of your life when Bombshells from all over the World embark on a CRUISE SHIP Takeover!!

I can’t wait for you to uncover YOUR inner Bombshell become ALL that you were BORN to be.

EVERYONE is Welcome! So grab your Besties and let’s finish off 2024 with a BANG and READY to bring in the NEW YEAR with YOUR best YOU!”

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